Burgess Neutered Cat

Burgess Neutered Cat

The Burgess Cat Range is developed onsite at the Burgess factory in the heart of Yorkshire. Burgess use premium ingredients that are locally sourced to ensure excellent quality and taste. As cats are obligate carnivores the recipes are rich in protein to help maintain strong muscles, with added natural antioxidants to support a cat’s immune system.
Burgess Neutered Cat is a complete food suitable from the age of neutering. It is formulated to support urinary tract and dental health, whilst managing weight with a high protein content to maintain lean muscle mass.
Proven Dental Technology
Did you know, it’s estimated that up to 70% of cats develop dental disease by the age of three? That’s why we’ve included Dental Defence Technology which contains a specialist ingredient to reduce plaque formation and support healthy teeth and gums.
Urinary tract health – Burgess Neutered cat is formulated with controlled levels of minerals to help support urinary health. Cranberry is also added, which is widely believed to support a healthy urinary tract.
High in protein – Tasty and high digestible meat protein to maintain a lean muscle mass.
Hairball reduction – Fibre helps to reduce hairball formation.
Weight Management – L-carnitine is included to help reduce fat and maintain a healthy weight for you cat. Yucca extract is included to help with stool formation and odour.
Skin & Coat - Omega fatty acids support healthy skin and a glossy coat,


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